Friday, August 19, 2011

More Feathers And Pink Stained Wood Floors

I made it to Bass Pro Shop today to look for feathers for feather extensions. I found an interesting pack that contained both usable and unusable feathers. Definitely worth the $12 I spent and i'm glad I went to see if they had any stock.

Another fun adventure of the day: I colored my friend Jordan's hair. She wanted pink chunks in the back of her head so that the pink would come forward over her shoulders. Her hair lightened nicely, took a while but it ended up getting pretty blonde. While putting the Paul Mitchell Inkworks on, a little bit dropped onto their beautiful hardwood kitchen floor. I FREAKED out when I went to wipe it up, because it stained on the wood. She says she'll try to use the wood cleaner and get the stain out. I'm about to make my escape, because I had an Art Walk to run to, and her step-mom comes home. I'm like "Ohhhhh shit". LOL. Luckily, a half hour later she texted and said her stepmom was able to get the pink stains out. Thank goodness! Next time, definitely putting a towel down.

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