Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Giant Gummi Bears and My Trip to Vegas

Last year, for Halloween, my mom and I took a trip to Vegas. We were more or less celebrating my graduation from cosmetology school. I got the chance to spend time with two chat room friends I'd known for like 5+ years. When we walked some shops, I ended up coming across a giant gummi bear on a stick. I had to have one. I ended up going back to the shop with my mom another day and we purchased it. I brought it home, and it's been in the bag in my closet ever since. I bought it with no intention of eating it, it's too fucking cool.

Now i've been talking in chat with my friends about my taking another trip to Vegas in the end of November for my 21st birthday. And my friend Andy brings up the gummi bear, so I tell him I still have it. He can't get why I would buy it and not eat it, and even offers to paypal me ten bucks if I eat it on cam. LOL.

I'm very excited to take this trip. It will be the first one I take ALONE. And i'll finally be able to legally drink and get into all of the clubs, etc that I wasn't able to my first trip there. I managed to find a nice hotel room that has a big spa tub and a flight, together only costing $362. Amazing deal, in my opinion. So the next few months will involve me scrounging around to do cuts, colors and feathers to save up the money. I'm sure anything I don't manage to save will be covered by birthday money from my parents, so i'm super pumped. Can't wait to get shitfaced on the strip. :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Non-Relationship Pancakes

Last night I spent the night with the guy i've been "dating". It's not exclusive, we aren't in a relationship, he's not my boyfriend. I refer to him as my "manfriend", as this is the first time i've ever just let it be whatever and not been too concerned about calling it a relationship. I enjoy every moment I spend with him, he's a gentleman, he's funny, he's sexy, he absolutely drives me nuts. I've known him for a couple of months now and it just feels like things are getting less and less awkward for me, having never done this kind of thing before. And it's gotten less awkward, because the time i've spent with him has gotten even better. The conversation, the sex. I feel closer to him, which I suppose is just unavoidable when you spend time with someone.

He works long hours, he works Monday-Friday. So if I see him, it's on the weekend and usually never more than every other weekend. So most of the time if i've spent the night, he has to get up at 10, shower, and then he goes to the gym and then from the gym he goes to work. So that means I get woken up and then leave when he leaves for the gym. It's not like he's kicking me out. It's not the "We just had sex, now get the hell out of here" thing. There was one morning in the first month we were seeing each other that he let me sleep in, he took his shower, did some stuff around his apartment and then he came and woke me up and made me pancakes. And then after that he had to leave, so I had to leave.

This weekend he'd told me he would probably be too busy to hang out. I had texted to see if he wanted to do dinner and see the new Guillermo Del Toro flick. I told him "No big deal. Maybe next weekend." Last night I sent him a text, just wondering how his weekend was working out since he'd said he'd been neglecting some jobs he needed to do. He said it was good and he was thinking of watching a movie. I asked what he was gonna watch and it ended up leading to me rushing through a shower and racing to his apartment to watch a DVD. We watched Anacondas: Hunt For The Blood Orchid, got our freak on, and then popped in another movie while we laid in bed, his arm around me and my fingers laced with his. I had a horrible time trying to fall asleep, I probably only got about three hours, if that. He got up at about noon, I stayed in bed. I could hear him washing dishes, messing around in the kitchen. Eventually he came back in, climbed on top of me and informed me that he had made me breakfast in bed. He set the pillows up against the wall and called it my "throne". Haha. He went back to the kitchen and returned with his own feast and we sat on the bed eating our pancakes and eggs and drinking our orange juice. All I could think about was how amazing my "non-boyfriend" treated me, and how lucky I was to be treated in such a manner. After we ate, I watched him do his random apartment chores. We changed the sheets, he folded his laundry. I was surprised he was letting me stay so late into the day. I ended up back on the bed and he said he was going to take a shower, a minute later he came back in, crawled atop me again and started kissing me. Once satisfied, he was ready for his shower and he invited me along. This was the first time he'd allowed me to shower with him. The first time I had stayed the night I had told him he should join me in the shower and he shot me down. So naturally, I was thrilled.

It was a fantastic time, and the first time I left him without feeling like something was left undone somehow. I've never left on a bad note with him, never left angry/upset/sad...But still felt an awkwardness or like I should have stolen one more kiss, said one more thing.

When it comes down to it, whether it ends up being something more than what it is or if it eventually ends, I am sure i'll be okay. He's of course someone I could see playing a bigger role in my life, he's just a great MAN, but I have also just drilled it into my brain that I can't let it phase me if it never evolves. No matter what, he's a good guy and he always will be, mine or not. I am lucky to have come across him.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Watching Babes and Trying To Balance

Babysat for a friend tonight. Seven hours. She came home a little after 3am, sooooo drunk. She told me she was gonna go to the ATM to get my money and asked if I wanted something to eat. I told her "Just get me some chicken nuggets." She was sitting in a chair, and she didn't get up. I said "Are you gonna go to the ATM?" and she responds "Will you find my purse? I'll just write you a check." It took her three tries to write an acceptable check. First check she wrote "Seven hundred dollars", second "One hundred and sixty five dollars". Finally she managed to write "Thirty dollars". I got the check and I ran outta there.

Lately i've been trying to keep busy. I've been going on job interviews, I want to work so badly. I've been doing haircuts for people. I've been putting in feathers. Just any chance I get, I get out of the house. Difficult trying to balance life when I don't have a steady job.

Did an adorable cut today, the girl was in love with it. It's definitely nice to be able to make someone so excited by doing something so simple. I don't get why that's not enough to make me want to pursue a full time career doing hair, but I can't make myself want to do it. I just hope I find what i'm meant for someday soon. I'm really hoping to get this job at a tanning salon I just interviewed for. The assistant manager who interviewed me was SO SWEET, we were just laughing the whole time. I answered the questions like a pro, and I hope I get called back for another interview. :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Help and People Watching at IHOP

Yesterday I saw The Help with my mom. I cried so many times it's not even funny. The way that these people would treat these African American women who did EVERYTHING for them...ridiculous. They raised their children, cooked their meals, cleaned their homes, bought their groceries. These white women did absolutely nothing but enjoy themselves and boss them around. I definitely encourage everyone to see it. I will even be borrowing the book from my mom so that I can read it.

Last night I had to go up to IHOP to wait for my friend, who owes me money, to make tips. I was there until like 3:30 in the morning. I saw some of the weirdest fucking people. A drunk couple came in. The blonde girl of the couple was just out of her mind. She kept talking to the poor Mexican busser/dishwasher and freaking him out. He would try to walk away and she'd keep stopping him from going. Just soooo sloppy. Later two teenagers, probably 16 or 17 came in. The girl of the two was one of those obnoxious people who feels the need to cuss loudly in public for no reason. Just part of her everyday normal conversations, apparently. Sad. She even filled out an application before she left. Bahaha. Good luck with that, kid.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Apartments And The US Postal Service

So there's not the best situation when it comes to my household. I moved back in with my dad into the house that my mom and I had lived in with him, until we left and got an apartment for a while. It's the first time i've lived anywhere without my mom, and at first it was just horrible. I felt so abandoned. After a while, it got easier. And then my dad got a new girlfriend. At first, things were fine. Her and her son stayed at our house for a few weeks because her son had gotten surgery and didn't have a good environment at home to stay in while recovering. After he moved back home, she moved into our house. Things stayed okay until she started believing the shit my dad's mom, who also lived in our house, would say about me and my family. The worst of the problems came right before my dad's mom was going to move out, which she claimed was my fault when in reality it was about her not being able to keep her mouth shut at the bar they all spent a lot of time at. She constantly spewed bullshit she made up out of nowhere and complained about me to any drunk moron who was willing to listen. She'd done the same thing before my brother moved out of the house, a month or so before I moved back in. She has never liked my brother, mom or myself.

About a week before she was going to move out, Melba(my dad's girlfriend) got pissed off one night and stormed upstairs while she complained that she was the only one in the house who ever cleaned anything. My dad's way of handling things is to just leave and go to the bar, instead of talking about it. He left, while she packed up her shit and claimed she was gonna leave. She came downstairs and asked me what my mom has ever done for me. What has she done for me? She raised me for 20 years, that's what she did for me. She always put my brother and I before herself and did everything she could to make our lives better. After she said this, I was pissed. You don't talk about my mom. You don't know anything about her, who she is, what she's done, what she's been through. Keep your mouth shut. After that, she came down again. She continued on that I didn't care about anyone, that if anything happened to my dad(when he decided to once again drive drunk) that it would be my fault, that I went to school for nothing and i'm never going to make anything of myself. After being pushed so far, I can't keep my mouth shut. I let her know she's a deadbeat leeching off my father, that she's done nothing with her own life, that her children don't like her and it's no wonder they wont let her see her grandkids, she should go back to the crack house she lived in, she's over fifty and worked for minimum wage in an under the table job, etc. Of course when she talked to my dad she failed to mention any of what she'd said to me.

The next time she blew up was two days before my dad's mom was to move out. And she even got the old bag to join in on it. I had just gotten home, changed into some pajamas and was bring my trash upstairs when they came in drunk from the bar and she was SCREAMING. I get upstairs and try to ask what's going on and my dad says she was pissed I didn't get up earlier that day to get dog food and potty pads before she did. Once again, she was packing her shit. After the last time, I knew it was going to be bad again. Again, he said he was going to the bar so he didn't have to be around "this shit". I cried and begged him not to leave me alone with her. He told me to cook my dinner and then go downstairs to my room and stay away from her. As I was trying to cook my food, she came down to announce she'd be out of the house in the morning. I heard her up at the top of the stairs pulling her shit out of their room. She was on the phone to someone crying and saying she was sick of being his maid, that these people in Johnson County always treat her like a filthy mexican, etc. Once again, she comes down and tells me "I'm leaving, so you're getting just what you want." I responded with "This isn't what I want. I don't want you to leave." This only makes her get louder and more obnoxious. Finally, I think to turn on the voice recorder on my phone when she comes back. She says the same shit, and then my dad's mom comes in. She makes sure to mention the fact that she'll be gone, too, and that someone is going to have to clean the house. Why either of them think that's any problem for me, I have no clue. I do my dishes, I clean my room, I pick up after myself. If cleaning the whole house would be what it took for them to be gone and for me to live in peace, I would welcome it.

I finish cleaning my dishes and take my bowl downstairs to eat. After a few minutes she comes down to my room. MY ROOM. She says the same kind of shit. Now I can have my dad all to myself, i'm never gonna move out or do anything with my life, I don't care about anyone but myself, etc etc. She even says some shit about my dad. All of it gets recorded. I call my mom to tell her about everything that's just happened, after being on the phone for a while Melba comes down AGAIN. After I had already told her that if she didn't get out of my room that I would call the police. She claims to want to not have hard feelings and blahblahblah. I just try to ignore her until she goes back upstairs, still on the phone with my mom.

So basically, after all this bullshit...of course i'd be dying to move back in with my mom. Can it happen right now? No. My mom lives in a one bedroom apartment now, and the lease wont be up until December. And we've both agreed that I wont live with her unless I have a job, which at the moment I don't. But we've decided that we should start seeing what we could get for our money in the different areas around us. Living in Johnson County is way too expensive, even though it's a nice place. My mom would like to have a little house with a yard that the dogs could go in, and a place to plant a vegetable garden. But I think we've both realized it would cost too much, even in the cheaper areas. I've seen some nice townhomes, but with her knee problems, she could only live in a place with no stairs. So a ground floor apartment it is. It will be interesting to see what we find.

Recently i've sold and purchased a lot of things on ebay. I've purchased things for feather extensions, sold clothing. And i've also been waiting on a check from a friend in Washington for an Urban Decay makeup palette i'm selling her. I've been waiting two weeks and she's sent two checks, neither have made it here. I could have driven there and gotten the check by now, why in the world can't the postal service get it here? I've also been waiting several days for FEATHERS. Feathers that weigh next to nothing from states closer than Washington. And still taking FOREVER. I can definitely say i've lost faith in USPS.

On a better note, my brother's birthday is in five days. On the first, we're going to a very interesting restaurant in Lawrence, KS. Cafe Beautiful. It's owned by a chef. On the few nights it's open, they only take a few reservations. He serves the tables himself and cooks all the food. The meal comes in several courses. It's supposedly going to be a sushi place. I'm interested to see how it will be. And i'm super anxious to give my brother his ninja turtle boxer briefs.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Glee Project Finale And Some Weird Twilight Spin-Off Book

So last night was the finale of Glee Project. After the #1 person i'd been rooting for, Hannah, was kicked off...I pretty much only had one person left I could tolerate enough to watch on my lovely GLEE  for seven episodes. Damian, the funny Irish lad, was that person. I sat through the episode, bored with the video shoot as Raise Your Glass is probably my least favorite song performed on Glee. Bored with Lindsay's same old annoying attitude and trying-too-hard performances. Bored with Alex being the same narcissistic diva. Bored with Sam's down syndrome squinty face and strictly rock-only vibe. But never bored with Damian's spunky, fun-loving, always upbeat personality.

Sam, who I saw as someone who didn't fit Glee at all. He's not an underdog, he's not a loser, he's not lost. He's just another trendy dude who wants to be a rock star. I think he just saw Glee as an opportunity to get famous and didn't care about what Glee was. And unfortunately...he was announced first as the winner.
But luckily there was a big shock. Two winners. And thank goodness, the second winner was Damian. So there's a little ray of sunshine on a mostly cloudy day. But then they added rain when they announced Lindsay and Alex would both get two episodes. Soooo the three people I possibly disliked most on the entirety of the show, I will have to see on my favorite show's third season. BOO :(

Getting away from Glee. I bought a book at the thrift store a month or two ago and it's been sitting in front of my bed. Last week I finally picked it up and started reading and was surprised to find it wasn't horrible. It's called The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner by Stephanie Meyer (Yes, the author of the Twilight Saga) and it's an Eclipse Novella. Bree is a vampire who was turned by Riley to be part of Victoria's army, and the book is the story of her life as a vampire. It's worth the read if you had any interest in Twilight.

I may go see The Help with my mom tomorrow, so I shall blog of that if I end up going. And Wednesday night i'm going to a spa party and will have the opportunity to sell my feather extensions to people while i'm there. So hopefully that will be worth blogging about, as well.

Friday, August 19, 2011

More Feathers And Pink Stained Wood Floors

I made it to Bass Pro Shop today to look for feathers for feather extensions. I found an interesting pack that contained both usable and unusable feathers. Definitely worth the $12 I spent and i'm glad I went to see if they had any stock.

Another fun adventure of the day: I colored my friend Jordan's hair. She wanted pink chunks in the back of her head so that the pink would come forward over her shoulders. Her hair lightened nicely, took a while but it ended up getting pretty blonde. While putting the Paul Mitchell Inkworks on, a little bit dropped onto their beautiful hardwood kitchen floor. I FREAKED out when I went to wipe it up, because it stained on the wood. She says she'll try to use the wood cleaner and get the stain out. I'm about to make my escape, because I had an Art Walk to run to, and her step-mom comes home. I'm like "Ohhhhh shit". LOL. Luckily, a half hour later she texted and said her stepmom was able to get the pink stains out. Thank goodness! Next time, definitely putting a towel down.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Feathery Heads

So the big craze in the beauty industry right now is "Feather Extensions". Feathers from roosters, cleansed, dyed and then attached into the hair with a crimp bead. These feathers were more commonly used for fly tying, and now because of the popularity of using them in the hair, these fly-fishing suppliers are running out. A fly-fishing store in my city will turn away anyone they think is going to use the feathers for anything other than fly tying.

In salons, stylists are charging around $20 to put ONE little feather in a person's hair. My thoughts? Quite ridiculously outrageous. Does this mean I don't want to try and cash in on this? Absolutely not. I've already won two lots of feathers on ebay and made around $70 putting in about 10 for close friends. I've already made back twice what I spent to get the feathers I purchased, and I still have around 50+ left.

The craze I wont jump on is "hair tinsel". Yes, tinsel. Think of the shiny silver crap you throw all over your Christmas tree. Hair Tinsel can be viewed here, if you're curious. I am not quite sure what the appeal is and definitely think anyone willing to wear it in their hair might as well bleach it out, dye it green and add ornaments while they're at it. But i'm sure there are plenty of people who think that all of the "feather heads" might as well grow a beak and strap on some wings.

As long as the craze continues to make me so much money, i'll be happy to help every girl get a little closer to her dream of becoming a bird.