Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vegas Excitement and Feather Parties

So it's only 47 days until I leave for Vegas. The trip is booked and paid for. I made the last payment on and picked up my dress. Right now i'm just working on trying to make money for spending on the trip. I'll be getting $212 from my blog, decent chunk of change. And i'm still doing hair for friends to try and scrounge up money.

On Sunday i've been asked to do a birthday party and put feathers in for 7-9 girls. That's at least $70 bucks to add onto my spending money fund. Pretty exciting.

I'm worried about making enough to last the whole trip, I know when my mom and I went we had to ask to borrow some money from my dad because we went over budget, so to speak. I know my mom has told our relatives about it, because she's excited for me. I hope my grandpa and grandma will send me some birthday money, and maybe my aunt(Since her and her husband are fucking loaded). I haven't really spoken to my dad about the trip, because I have a feeling he wont be thrilled but hopefully he'll give me some amount of money for my birthday.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Skincare and Almost Reaching Goals

I got my new skin stuff today. I was soooooo glad. I needed it so badly. I've already washed my face with it. I'm waiting until tomorrow to mask and exfoliate. Haha. Because people bought so much at my party, I got $15 of free product. So I got this kid's lotion bar that smells like bananas, a thing of hand sanitizing foam that smells like grape and a lip balm that's cherry and is called "Pucker Up Panda". Perfect, because i'm Amanda Panda. The hand sanitizer smells soooo strong like delicious grape, not like nasty cough syrup grape.

I'm $80 away from being able to book my trip on Travelocity. My mom gave me her stupid tablet computer and told me I can sell it, so I put it on CL for $150 and i'm hoping it goes soon. I'm so excited to book the trip so I don't have to feel like i'm dreaming anymore. Haha.

Tomorrow I have an interview at the school I went to for Cosmetology. Paul Mitchell. Since before I even graduated I have wanted to work at the front desk there. When I finished my hours, they didn't have any openings in the staff. A new director has been put into the school, and a front desk girl was fired for stealing tips from future professionals. I sent an e-mail to the new director and he finally e-mailed back yesterday. I'm thrilled to have the chance at the job i've dreamed of for the longest time. Paul Mitchell was a family for me while I was in school, and to make money doing what I love doing...in the perfect environment, it's just amazing. I will be absolutely ecstatic if I get the job. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Contagion and Total Disspointments

I saw Contagion with my mom on Thursday. It wasn't bad, but I had hoped it would be more terrifying. We were even at Fork and Screen, where they serve you food while you watch the movie. I didn't have any trouble getting/keeping my food down, like I had when I saw Jackass 3D. LOL. My mom had said the worst part was going to be when Gwenyth died, but it was even anything shaking. Foaming at the mouth? Woohoo?

Friday night I went to do mani/pedis for my friend's wedding party. She'd told me there were five girls. I had planned ahead and gotten supplies to do mani/pedis for everyone. I was thinking I was going to make 150 bucks doing this, so I spent like 20+ to get supplies, not worrying about it. I show up...and she tells me nobody wants a pedicure. I'm PISSED, but I don't let her know that. I ended up doing manicures for six people...and making sixty bucks. I charge $10 a person for manicures. So obviously I got no tips. They were all tired and boring, and I didn't end up finishing until like 2am. So now I may have to wait to book my trip to Vegas, and i'm notttttt happy.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Surprise Ear Infections and Makin' Paper

About five days ago I started to feel like I was getting sick. I ended up going through the normal process that takes place when I get sick. I woke up with a sore throat, the sore throat went into being stuffed up in my sinuses, and now it's managed to reach the stage where I have a cough. I went to the clinic in Walgreens yesterday to get some drugs, and the woman told me on top of having this nasty cold...i've got an EAR INFECTION. I was caught by surprise, as I hadn't even noticed any problems with my ears. Crazy!

I had my spa party last week, and it ended up being pretty successful. Five people came and three people purchased products. Monday I went to turn in all the orders to my friend Tiffany's mother, who does the spa parties, and before I got there I stopped at Sonic and my favorite carhop told me she wanted to order something. So with everything my friends purchased I ended up getting $15 in free products. I purchased the skincare set I wanted, and with the $15 I got a lotion bar, hand sanitizer foam and a lip balm. Pretttty sweet. Before I left Tiffany's home, her mom asked me what I would be doing Saturday and told me she wanted me to come to this event that the spa party company was participating in and that I could sell my feathers to the people attending.

So now Friday night i'll be doing mani/pedis for 5-6 women, and making $150+. And then Saturday I will get a chance to sell my feather extensions. After speaking to my mom we decided that on her next payday we need to go on and pay for the Vegas trip so the prices wont go up, as i'll have all the money I need to put in and she's gonna give me the birthday money early so I can book the flight and hotel. So after October 1st, all the money I make will be for spending money and the trip cost will already be taken care of. Super psyched. All I can even think about anymore is VEGAS VEGAS VEGAS.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Homemade Pizza and Spa Parties

Sunday night I got a text from manfriend. He said he was at Walmart picking up stuff for homemade pizza, and asked me what I liked on mine. I said "Pepperoni!" He asked what soda, I said "Coke!" He told me "Thanks, this will be great fr my date tonight." Obviously a joke. I asked if she was hot. He said "And young!" I told him i'd jump in the shower. After I got out I asked "How is your date?" and he replied "She stood me up, wanna come help me eat this pizza?" I get there and the pizza is done, looks amazingggggg. We sit down at the coffee table, on the floor, watching The Fighter. Horrible movie. Just awful. Thankfully the pizza was DELICIOUS. He even made his own stuffed crust, well, he tried to. Haha. After the movie, we moved to the bedroom. I had a surprise for him i'd been planning for two weeks or so. LOL. I got my PJ's and set them on the bed. I told him "I wanna show you this before I strip it off" and pulled my shirt down to reveal my leopard bra. His hands were immediately all over me and the words "You don't need to take it off just yet" were whispered in my ear. I then dropped my shorts to show him the boyshorts matched. I wont go into all the details...but let's just say it was the best $40 I ever spent. Afterwards, while we laid in bed together I was stroking his beard and said "If I were a guy, i'd have a HUGE beard." He was definitely disturbed and not happy i'd said it. He told me he picture me with a beard. I asked if I looked like Zach Galifianakis. Haha. He ended up getting over his disgust and told me just to stay female. His alarm went off much too soon in the morning, and it's blaring music scared the fuck out of me. But it is always accompanied by his arm around me, so it isn't all bad.

Had a little spa party last night. Invited some girlfrans and got to do facials and play with some mineral makeup. My mom made adorable cupcakes, I made bacon wrapped tiny weenies. We had some punch made with cherry 7up, fruit punch and sherbet. Mmmmm. Everyone surprisingly wanted to buy some products from the lady, so I will get some credit/discount for it. I'm planning on buying the skincare kit, since my Mary Kay crap is about to run out.

Going to the haunted houses with manfriend this weekend, i'll be sure to blog about it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BD's and Tattoo Shops

I spent the day with my wonderful friend Chelsea. She's beautifulllllll and I loveeee her. Bahaha.
We went downtown to the tattoo shop so she could get her nose ring changed out and she was trying to talk me into staying there so she could get a tattoo, but I eventually talked her out of it. And then I had to talk her out of trying to get me to get the tragus piercing I have been wanting done. We went to the tobacco shop so I could buy hookah charcoals and then we were desperately starving and decided we better find food. We'd been wanting to try this restaurant we'd heard about a few months ago at this "Just For Her Expo" we attended. So I drove all the way there, just for them to tell us that half the menu wasn't available because they'd run out of food. We instead dined at the lovely BD's Mongolian BBQ, where we'd already just eaten like a week ago...but it's always amazing so it didn't matter. Had some delicious stir fry, some salad and the epic Wisconsin Cheese soup. OMNOMNOM! Went by the liquor store to pick up the wine I wanted and then went back to her apartment for some raspberry lemonade shisha! Dericious. Fantastic night!

Tomorrow I shall go on a search for an affordable and attractive fatty dress as Forever 21 for my Vegas trip. Maybe see my mommy, haha. Hopefully someone will need their hair done. Never know.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Brother's 25th B-day and Business Opportunities

Tonight my mom and I took my brother out to dinner at a place called Cafe Beautiful. It was an amazing(and expensive) sushi place. I went in having an open mind and tried SO MANY THINGS! I started off with some Miso, while both my mom and brother had salads. The dressing on the salad was like a ginger/carrot dressing and it was amazing, so I regretted my choice of the soup. LOL. I had a strange type of white fish on top of rice, it wasn't so fishy tasting and was delicious. Their california rolls were great. My brother got some eel, and I ended up liking it so much I ordered it for myself. I was very surprised by how much I loved it all, considering i'm SO PICKY! It didn't hurt that I was able to drink half a bottle of this DELICIOUS wine my mom and I picked up from the liquor store, I will definitely be getting more of it. Great night, loved being able to spend time with my family without any fighting. Haha.

I posted about my feathers on CL, and also made an event about them on FB. I've got at least two people in the next week that want them FOR SURE. And about two or three others that probably will. I've already got $100 of the $350 I need for Vegas. I think it's going to be very easy to make the money I need, even without a job(not that I am not trying desperately to find one). Donations are always welcome. ;)