Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vegas Excitement and Feather Parties

So it's only 47 days until I leave for Vegas. The trip is booked and paid for. I made the last payment on and picked up my dress. Right now i'm just working on trying to make money for spending on the trip. I'll be getting $212 from my blog, decent chunk of change. And i'm still doing hair for friends to try and scrounge up money.

On Sunday i've been asked to do a birthday party and put feathers in for 7-9 girls. That's at least $70 bucks to add onto my spending money fund. Pretty exciting.

I'm worried about making enough to last the whole trip, I know when my mom and I went we had to ask to borrow some money from my dad because we went over budget, so to speak. I know my mom has told our relatives about it, because she's excited for me. I hope my grandpa and grandma will send me some birthday money, and maybe my aunt(Since her and her husband are fucking loaded). I haven't really spoken to my dad about the trip, because I have a feeling he wont be thrilled but hopefully he'll give me some amount of money for my birthday.