Thursday, August 18, 2011

Feathery Heads

So the big craze in the beauty industry right now is "Feather Extensions". Feathers from roosters, cleansed, dyed and then attached into the hair with a crimp bead. These feathers were more commonly used for fly tying, and now because of the popularity of using them in the hair, these fly-fishing suppliers are running out. A fly-fishing store in my city will turn away anyone they think is going to use the feathers for anything other than fly tying.

In salons, stylists are charging around $20 to put ONE little feather in a person's hair. My thoughts? Quite ridiculously outrageous. Does this mean I don't want to try and cash in on this? Absolutely not. I've already won two lots of feathers on ebay and made around $70 putting in about 10 for close friends. I've already made back twice what I spent to get the feathers I purchased, and I still have around 50+ left.

The craze I wont jump on is "hair tinsel". Yes, tinsel. Think of the shiny silver crap you throw all over your Christmas tree. Hair Tinsel can be viewed here, if you're curious. I am not quite sure what the appeal is and definitely think anyone willing to wear it in their hair might as well bleach it out, dye it green and add ornaments while they're at it. But i'm sure there are plenty of people who think that all of the "feather heads" might as well grow a beak and strap on some wings.

As long as the craze continues to make me so much money, i'll be happy to help every girl get a little closer to her dream of becoming a bird.

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