Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Apartments And The US Postal Service

So there's not the best situation when it comes to my household. I moved back in with my dad into the house that my mom and I had lived in with him, until we left and got an apartment for a while. It's the first time i've lived anywhere without my mom, and at first it was just horrible. I felt so abandoned. After a while, it got easier. And then my dad got a new girlfriend. At first, things were fine. Her and her son stayed at our house for a few weeks because her son had gotten surgery and didn't have a good environment at home to stay in while recovering. After he moved back home, she moved into our house. Things stayed okay until she started believing the shit my dad's mom, who also lived in our house, would say about me and my family. The worst of the problems came right before my dad's mom was going to move out, which she claimed was my fault when in reality it was about her not being able to keep her mouth shut at the bar they all spent a lot of time at. She constantly spewed bullshit she made up out of nowhere and complained about me to any drunk moron who was willing to listen. She'd done the same thing before my brother moved out of the house, a month or so before I moved back in. She has never liked my brother, mom or myself.

About a week before she was going to move out, Melba(my dad's girlfriend) got pissed off one night and stormed upstairs while she complained that she was the only one in the house who ever cleaned anything. My dad's way of handling things is to just leave and go to the bar, instead of talking about it. He left, while she packed up her shit and claimed she was gonna leave. She came downstairs and asked me what my mom has ever done for me. What has she done for me? She raised me for 20 years, that's what she did for me. She always put my brother and I before herself and did everything she could to make our lives better. After she said this, I was pissed. You don't talk about my mom. You don't know anything about her, who she is, what she's done, what she's been through. Keep your mouth shut. After that, she came down again. She continued on that I didn't care about anyone, that if anything happened to my dad(when he decided to once again drive drunk) that it would be my fault, that I went to school for nothing and i'm never going to make anything of myself. After being pushed so far, I can't keep my mouth shut. I let her know she's a deadbeat leeching off my father, that she's done nothing with her own life, that her children don't like her and it's no wonder they wont let her see her grandkids, she should go back to the crack house she lived in, she's over fifty and worked for minimum wage in an under the table job, etc. Of course when she talked to my dad she failed to mention any of what she'd said to me.

The next time she blew up was two days before my dad's mom was to move out. And she even got the old bag to join in on it. I had just gotten home, changed into some pajamas and was bring my trash upstairs when they came in drunk from the bar and she was SCREAMING. I get upstairs and try to ask what's going on and my dad says she was pissed I didn't get up earlier that day to get dog food and potty pads before she did. Once again, she was packing her shit. After the last time, I knew it was going to be bad again. Again, he said he was going to the bar so he didn't have to be around "this shit". I cried and begged him not to leave me alone with her. He told me to cook my dinner and then go downstairs to my room and stay away from her. As I was trying to cook my food, she came down to announce she'd be out of the house in the morning. I heard her up at the top of the stairs pulling her shit out of their room. She was on the phone to someone crying and saying she was sick of being his maid, that these people in Johnson County always treat her like a filthy mexican, etc. Once again, she comes down and tells me "I'm leaving, so you're getting just what you want." I responded with "This isn't what I want. I don't want you to leave." This only makes her get louder and more obnoxious. Finally, I think to turn on the voice recorder on my phone when she comes back. She says the same shit, and then my dad's mom comes in. She makes sure to mention the fact that she'll be gone, too, and that someone is going to have to clean the house. Why either of them think that's any problem for me, I have no clue. I do my dishes, I clean my room, I pick up after myself. If cleaning the whole house would be what it took for them to be gone and for me to live in peace, I would welcome it.

I finish cleaning my dishes and take my bowl downstairs to eat. After a few minutes she comes down to my room. MY ROOM. She says the same kind of shit. Now I can have my dad all to myself, i'm never gonna move out or do anything with my life, I don't care about anyone but myself, etc etc. She even says some shit about my dad. All of it gets recorded. I call my mom to tell her about everything that's just happened, after being on the phone for a while Melba comes down AGAIN. After I had already told her that if she didn't get out of my room that I would call the police. She claims to want to not have hard feelings and blahblahblah. I just try to ignore her until she goes back upstairs, still on the phone with my mom.

So basically, after all this bullshit...of course i'd be dying to move back in with my mom. Can it happen right now? No. My mom lives in a one bedroom apartment now, and the lease wont be up until December. And we've both agreed that I wont live with her unless I have a job, which at the moment I don't. But we've decided that we should start seeing what we could get for our money in the different areas around us. Living in Johnson County is way too expensive, even though it's a nice place. My mom would like to have a little house with a yard that the dogs could go in, and a place to plant a vegetable garden. But I think we've both realized it would cost too much, even in the cheaper areas. I've seen some nice townhomes, but with her knee problems, she could only live in a place with no stairs. So a ground floor apartment it is. It will be interesting to see what we find.

Recently i've sold and purchased a lot of things on ebay. I've purchased things for feather extensions, sold clothing. And i've also been waiting on a check from a friend in Washington for an Urban Decay makeup palette i'm selling her. I've been waiting two weeks and she's sent two checks, neither have made it here. I could have driven there and gotten the check by now, why in the world can't the postal service get it here? I've also been waiting several days for FEATHERS. Feathers that weigh next to nothing from states closer than Washington. And still taking FOREVER. I can definitely say i've lost faith in USPS.

On a better note, my brother's birthday is in five days. On the first, we're going to a very interesting restaurant in Lawrence, KS. Cafe Beautiful. It's owned by a chef. On the few nights it's open, they only take a few reservations. He serves the tables himself and cooks all the food. The meal comes in several courses. It's supposedly going to be a sushi place. I'm interested to see how it will be. And i'm super anxious to give my brother his ninja turtle boxer briefs.

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