Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Help and People Watching at IHOP

Yesterday I saw The Help with my mom. I cried so many times it's not even funny. The way that these people would treat these African American women who did EVERYTHING for them...ridiculous. They raised their children, cooked their meals, cleaned their homes, bought their groceries. These white women did absolutely nothing but enjoy themselves and boss them around. I definitely encourage everyone to see it. I will even be borrowing the book from my mom so that I can read it.

Last night I had to go up to IHOP to wait for my friend, who owes me money, to make tips. I was there until like 3:30 in the morning. I saw some of the weirdest fucking people. A drunk couple came in. The blonde girl of the couple was just out of her mind. She kept talking to the poor Mexican busser/dishwasher and freaking him out. He would try to walk away and she'd keep stopping him from going. Just soooo sloppy. Later two teenagers, probably 16 or 17 came in. The girl of the two was one of those obnoxious people who feels the need to cuss loudly in public for no reason. Just part of her everyday normal conversations, apparently. Sad. She even filled out an application before she left. Bahaha. Good luck with that, kid.


  1. Like say the doors once : People are strange !
    At least there are good people on the earth to balance everything.

  2. I used to work grave yard shift at Ihop... i got some weird people in there late at night...

  3. every girl i know had the same reaction (and, disturbingly, even some guys). i am waiting for The Help to come out on dvd cause i dont want to risk embarrassing myself in a theater :P