Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Surprise Ear Infections and Makin' Paper

About five days ago I started to feel like I was getting sick. I ended up going through the normal process that takes place when I get sick. I woke up with a sore throat, the sore throat went into being stuffed up in my sinuses, and now it's managed to reach the stage where I have a cough. I went to the clinic in Walgreens yesterday to get some drugs, and the woman told me on top of having this nasty cold...i've got an EAR INFECTION. I was caught by surprise, as I hadn't even noticed any problems with my ears. Crazy!

I had my spa party last week, and it ended up being pretty successful. Five people came and three people purchased products. Monday I went to turn in all the orders to my friend Tiffany's mother, who does the spa parties, and before I got there I stopped at Sonic and my favorite carhop told me she wanted to order something. So with everything my friends purchased I ended up getting $15 in free products. I purchased the skincare set I wanted, and with the $15 I got a lotion bar, hand sanitizer foam and a lip balm. Pretttty sweet. Before I left Tiffany's home, her mom asked me what I would be doing Saturday and told me she wanted me to come to this event that the spa party company was participating in and that I could sell my feathers to the people attending.

So now Friday night i'll be doing mani/pedis for 5-6 women, and making $150+. And then Saturday I will get a chance to sell my feather extensions. After speaking to my mom we decided that on her next payday we need to go on and pay for the Vegas trip so the prices wont go up, as i'll have all the money I need to put in and she's gonna give me the birthday money early so I can book the flight and hotel. So after October 1st, all the money I make will be for spending money and the trip cost will already be taken care of. Super psyched. All I can even think about anymore is VEGAS VEGAS VEGAS.

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