Thursday, September 15, 2011

Homemade Pizza and Spa Parties

Sunday night I got a text from manfriend. He said he was at Walmart picking up stuff for homemade pizza, and asked me what I liked on mine. I said "Pepperoni!" He asked what soda, I said "Coke!" He told me "Thanks, this will be great fr my date tonight." Obviously a joke. I asked if she was hot. He said "And young!" I told him i'd jump in the shower. After I got out I asked "How is your date?" and he replied "She stood me up, wanna come help me eat this pizza?" I get there and the pizza is done, looks amazingggggg. We sit down at the coffee table, on the floor, watching The Fighter. Horrible movie. Just awful. Thankfully the pizza was DELICIOUS. He even made his own stuffed crust, well, he tried to. Haha. After the movie, we moved to the bedroom. I had a surprise for him i'd been planning for two weeks or so. LOL. I got my PJ's and set them on the bed. I told him "I wanna show you this before I strip it off" and pulled my shirt down to reveal my leopard bra. His hands were immediately all over me and the words "You don't need to take it off just yet" were whispered in my ear. I then dropped my shorts to show him the boyshorts matched. I wont go into all the details...but let's just say it was the best $40 I ever spent. Afterwards, while we laid in bed together I was stroking his beard and said "If I were a guy, i'd have a HUGE beard." He was definitely disturbed and not happy i'd said it. He told me he picture me with a beard. I asked if I looked like Zach Galifianakis. Haha. He ended up getting over his disgust and told me just to stay female. His alarm went off much too soon in the morning, and it's blaring music scared the fuck out of me. But it is always accompanied by his arm around me, so it isn't all bad.

Had a little spa party last night. Invited some girlfrans and got to do facials and play with some mineral makeup. My mom made adorable cupcakes, I made bacon wrapped tiny weenies. We had some punch made with cherry 7up, fruit punch and sherbet. Mmmmm. Everyone surprisingly wanted to buy some products from the lady, so I will get some credit/discount for it. I'm planning on buying the skincare kit, since my Mary Kay crap is about to run out.

Going to the haunted houses with manfriend this weekend, i'll be sure to blog about it.


  1. Hahaha have fun at the haunted houses! :) Great post

  2. Haunted Houses sounds spooky. Are they really haunted or designed to be scary?