Sunday, September 25, 2011

Contagion and Total Disspointments

I saw Contagion with my mom on Thursday. It wasn't bad, but I had hoped it would be more terrifying. We were even at Fork and Screen, where they serve you food while you watch the movie. I didn't have any trouble getting/keeping my food down, like I had when I saw Jackass 3D. LOL. My mom had said the worst part was going to be when Gwenyth died, but it was even anything shaking. Foaming at the mouth? Woohoo?

Friday night I went to do mani/pedis for my friend's wedding party. She'd told me there were five girls. I had planned ahead and gotten supplies to do mani/pedis for everyone. I was thinking I was going to make 150 bucks doing this, so I spent like 20+ to get supplies, not worrying about it. I show up...and she tells me nobody wants a pedicure. I'm PISSED, but I don't let her know that. I ended up doing manicures for six people...and making sixty bucks. I charge $10 a person for manicures. So obviously I got no tips. They were all tired and boring, and I didn't end up finishing until like 2am. So now I may have to wait to book my trip to Vegas, and i'm notttttt happy.

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