Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BD's and Tattoo Shops

I spent the day with my wonderful friend Chelsea. She's beautifulllllll and I loveeee her. Bahaha.
We went downtown to the tattoo shop so she could get her nose ring changed out and she was trying to talk me into staying there so she could get a tattoo, but I eventually talked her out of it. And then I had to talk her out of trying to get me to get the tragus piercing I have been wanting done. We went to the tobacco shop so I could buy hookah charcoals and then we were desperately starving and decided we better find food. We'd been wanting to try this restaurant we'd heard about a few months ago at this "Just For Her Expo" we attended. So I drove all the way there, just for them to tell us that half the menu wasn't available because they'd run out of food. We instead dined at the lovely BD's Mongolian BBQ, where we'd already just eaten like a week ago...but it's always amazing so it didn't matter. Had some delicious stir fry, some salad and the epic Wisconsin Cheese soup. OMNOMNOM! Went by the liquor store to pick up the wine I wanted and then went back to her apartment for some raspberry lemonade shisha! Dericious. Fantastic night!

Tomorrow I shall go on a search for an affordable and attractive fatty dress as Forever 21 for my Vegas trip. Maybe see my mommy, haha. Hopefully someone will need their hair done. Never know.



  1. Was it Beer Cheese soup? Because last time I was in Wisconsin, I was told to get some of that stuff, and it was AMAZING.

  2. The place ran out of food? They must be good!

  3. so you guys gonna get married or? Y U NO let friend get tattoo they like for 2 years and hate for the rest of their life biggest "deb" ever

  4. Someone always need their hair done.

  5. Just remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas