Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Skincare and Almost Reaching Goals

I got my new skin stuff today. I was soooooo glad. I needed it so badly. I've already washed my face with it. I'm waiting until tomorrow to mask and exfoliate. Haha. Because people bought so much at my party, I got $15 of free product. So I got this kid's lotion bar that smells like bananas, a thing of hand sanitizing foam that smells like grape and a lip balm that's cherry and is called "Pucker Up Panda". Perfect, because i'm Amanda Panda. The hand sanitizer smells soooo strong like delicious grape, not like nasty cough syrup grape.

I'm $80 away from being able to book my trip on Travelocity. My mom gave me her stupid tablet computer and told me I can sell it, so I put it on CL for $150 and i'm hoping it goes soon. I'm so excited to book the trip so I don't have to feel like i'm dreaming anymore. Haha.

Tomorrow I have an interview at the school I went to for Cosmetology. Paul Mitchell. Since before I even graduated I have wanted to work at the front desk there. When I finished my hours, they didn't have any openings in the staff. A new director has been put into the school, and a front desk girl was fired for stealing tips from future professionals. I sent an e-mail to the new director and he finally e-mailed back yesterday. I'm thrilled to have the chance at the job i've dreamed of for the longest time. Paul Mitchell was a family for me while I was in school, and to make money doing what I love the perfect environment, it's just amazing. I will be absolutely ecstatic if I get the job. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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